Meet Vito Luprano.

Talent Management. Executive Producer.

LupoOne Productions Inc. was founded by Vito Luprano to specialize in the management and development of hot new vocal talent.

Vito Luprano was born in Italy and immigrated to Montreal, Quebec, Canada as a child. During the 1970’s he started promoting disco music in some of Montreal’s hottest clubs. By 1980 his success as a promoter landed him a job at CBS Records as Marketing/Radio/Press Representative. By 1986 Luprano was promoted to Director of A&R for Sony Music Entertainment (formerly CBS Records).

It was during that same year that Vito signed Celine Dion, leading to his promotion to Senior Vice President of Sony Music Canada. As Executive Producer, Luprano was responsible for repertoire as well as organizing and overseeing all production of over 20 albums with Celine. These albums collectively have sold over 225 million worldwide. Many of these albums earned award recognition including Grammy Album of the Year, Grammy Best Record of the Year, Grammy Best Pop Artist of the Year and two Academy Awards for Best Original Song. Luprano is also responsible for signing and developing additional Canadian artists including Garou, whose albums have sold over 5 million copies in the French market.

In 2009, Luprano left Sony BMG Music Entertainment to further expand his career in the area of artist management and development. This venture was incorporated under the name LupoOne Productions, Inc.